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Dr Lambru is a leading Consultant Neurologist specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of headache and facial pain disorders. His NHS base is at Guy's & St Thomas' Hospital. Dr Giorgio Lambru's primary goal is to deliver excellent care within the private healthcare sector for the diagnosis and treatment of complex headaches, migraines, facial pain and neurological conditions. Dr Lambru works at leading private hospitals including London Bridge Hospital and The Harley Street Clinic to provide unparalleled care for his patients.

About Dr Giorgio Lambru

Dr Giorgio Lambru is a Consultant Neurologist at Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, London and Honorary Senior Lecturer at King's College London. Dr Lambru is an internationally renowned expert in headache and facial pain conditions. He is one of the few neurologists in the UK who has been formally trained in headache and facial pain.

Dr Lambru started his career studying Medicine and Surgery at the University of Milan (Italy) and then trained in Neurology at the University-Hospital of Parma (Italy).

Following this, he undertook a Clinical Fellowship within the Headache group at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery developing an interest in trigeminal autonomic cephalalgias and cranial neuralgias.

Dr Lambru subsequently obtained his PhD at the Institute of Neurology, UCL, London, with a study on trigeminal neuralgiform headache and facial pain disorders.

World class headache & facial pain care

Dr Lambru’s main interests are the diagnosis and treatments of headache and facial pain disorders. He set up a one of the few dedicated multidisciplinary headache and facial pain services in the UK at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital, which benefits from the crucial collaboration of an excellent team of Pain specialists, Neurosurgeons, Oral surgeons, specialist nurses and psychologists. The Headache Service specialises in the diagnosis of complex disorders and in advanced and innovative treatments for patients who did not obtain any relief from traditional management approaches. These treatments cranial injectable, non-invasive neuromodulation, biologic treatments and neuromodulation surgery.


Dr Lambru is actively involved in research clarifying the mechanisms underlying headache and facial pain and improving treatments for migraine, cluster headache, SUNCT/SUNA and facial pain disorders. He was the UK chief investigators and Principal Investigator of several clinical trials in the new migraine therapies with the CGRP monoclonal antibodies. He published over 50 research papers in eminent Headache and Neurology scientific Journals. He was the Co-Editor for a book in Neuromodulation in headache and facial pain and wrote chapters for Headache books.


Primary headache conditions like migraine and cluster headache are unfortunately not fully understood by the medical field and the public, so raising awareness is pivotal in order to improve sufferers care, understanding and drive more research in the field. Dr Lambru is actively involved in organising awareness events for migraine, cluster headache and trigeminal neuralgia.


Dr Lambru is a Council Member of BASH (British Association for the Study of Headache) UK, he is on the Medical board of the Trigeminal Neuralgia Association (TNA) and a lead Medical collaborator for the orofacial pain UK.


Dr Lambru covers all aspects of general neurology including headaches, dizziness, numbness and tingling, balance problems and seizures.

HeadachesFacial pain

Headache and facial pain are often misdiagnosed and in turn poorly treated. Successful diagnosis and treatment requires an expert approach sometimes in collaboration with and dedicated team.

Advanced headache treatments

Headache medicines are often poorly tolerated and ineffective. Dr Lambru has vast experience in injectable headache treatments including Botox, nerve blocks, neuromodulation devices and new migraine-specific CGRP antibodies.

Multidisciplinary team approach

Dr Giorgio Lambru believes in the pivotal role of a multi-speciality approach for complex headache & facial pain. For this reason he runs MDT meetings to gather a holistic approach to complex care.


Neurology is a branch of medicine that deals with disorders affecting the nervous system. Dr Lambru deals with the diagnosis and treatment of conditions and disease involving the central and peripheral nervous systems.



Headaches is an extremely common symptom which thankfully is rarely associated with a serious underlying condition. However, patients can experience debilitating headache disorders like migraine and cluster headache which can significantly affect many aspects of daily life. Given that there are over 200 headache conditions, a correct diagnosis is crucial for effective and tailored treatments.


Facial pain

Acute facial pain can be caused by dental, sinus, eye and jaw issues. Sometimes facial pain can become chronic in conditions like trigeminal and glossopharyngeal neuralgias or trigeminal neuropathy. Some of the common headaches like migraine and cluster headache can also present as severe facial pain.


New migraine treatments

Headaches and migraines have traditionally been treated with medications designed for other diseases like blood pressure tablets, anti-depressants and anti-epileptics, with overall mixed outcomes. Recent research has led to a better understanding of the headache mechanisms resulting in new, effective and well-tolerated treatments, such as Botox, non-invasive neuromodulation devices and CGRP therapies.

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