One of a kind approach to treating patients suffering from migraines

Dr Giorgio Lambru is an internationally renowned neurologist providing a centre of excellence for complex headache and migraine.

At Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital, he runs one of the largest Botox and greater occipital nerve blocks service in the UK, along with an outstanding neurostimulation service for hard-to-treat headache conditions

Dr Lambru places huge importance on the value of a multidisciplinary approach when it comes to managing complex headache and facial pain conditions. This has led him to collaborate with headache and sleep psychologists, physiotherapist, neurosurgeons, dentist, pain specialist and ear, nose and throat specialists to treat and overcome all of the different aspects that cause headaches and facial pain.

During his career, Dr Lambru has published a number of different scientific publications, as well as presenting at national and international headache conferences. His unique approach to patient care has shaped the management of headaches and facial pain internationally.


Migraine treatments Dr Lambru specialises in

Medical treatment

Migraine often requires abortive and preventive medical treatments.
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Occipital nerve block

One of the most common procedures used to treat episodic and chronic headache disorders. Learn More

Trigeminal nerve block

Injections of anaesthetic into areas surrounding the trigeminal nerves aiming to reduce pain. Learn More

Botulinum Toxin Injection (Botox)

Botox injected around the head & neck muscles is one of the gold standard treatments for migraine. Learn More

Anti-CGRP monoclonal antibodies

A new class of migraine-specific preventive treatment, injected under the skin once per month. More info coming

Non-invasive neural stimulation

A device places on  the surface of the head to alter brain activity to reduce pain.
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Transcranial magnetic stimulation

This non-invasive brain stimulation device has promising evidence in migraine treatments. More info coming

Vagus nerve stimulation

This non-invasive device has showed some efficacy in migraine treatment. More info coming

Trigeminal nerve stimulation

This non-invasive device has some good evidence in abortive and preventive migraine treatment. More info coming

Sphenopalatine ganglion blocks

Minimally invasive injection of this nerve provides medium term pain relief in headache & facial pain. Learn More

Surgery for migraines

Neuromodulation is the only evidence based surgery for difficult-to-treat migraine disorders. Learn More

Spinal cord stimulation

Stimulation of the cervical spine offers pain relief for treatment-resistant chronic migraine. More info coming

Occipital nerve stimulation

Invasive surgical procedure to treat resistant forms of chronic migraine.
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Medication overuse withdrawal

A package including education, infusion & injectable therapy to successfully withdraw painkillers. More info coming


This treatment can be effective in a significant proportion of patients with migraine. More info coming

Physical therapy

Physiotherapy, osteopathy & chiropractic treatment can be effective in migraine with neck involvement. More info coming

Vitamins & supplements

High doses of riboflavin, magnesium and coenzyme Q-10 have good evidence in migraine prevention. More info coming


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